I'm a theorist-practitioner in digital literacy, media studies, new media, rhetorics, and professional, science, and technical communication, often teaching courses online. I've taught at Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth College, Clemson University, Georgia Southern University, Towson University, and University of Maryland University College. I've been a professional actor, artist, broadcaster, designer, editor, entrepreneur, executive, model, photojournalist, professor, and researcher. My last corporate position was Creative Project Manager on client B2C projects for Apple, HP, Lucent, and others.

I am Editor of the 2018 reference book, Androids, Cyborgs, and Robots in Contemporary Culture and Society, and Editor for the 2014 reference book, Global Issues and Ethical Considerations in Human Enhancement Technologies, both published by IGI Global. I'm on the Editorial Board of Academic Editors for PeerJ journal in Emerging Technologies, Ethical Issues, Human-Computer Interaction, Science Policy, and World Wide Web & Web Science subject areas, and am on the Membership Committee for the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet).

I published pioneering quantitative research on Internet addiction and dependency in 1996, brought the term ‘above the fold’ from my journalism background into the user experience lexicon for scroll-free web design around then, and presented my icon[et]ics theory on agency of terrorism images as virtual subscripts of artificial intelligence at University of Basel in 2009. I was the plenary closing academic panel discussant at UNESCO’s First International Forum on Media and Information Literacy in Fez, Morocco in 2011.

EQUASHION merges personal and professional interests. I've been exploring chaos and fractals for many years, mainly in the realm of visual design. Fashion umbrellas with my fractal design prints licensed to Galleria Enterprises are sold globally with my aSTi designer moniker. In addition to the blog, there are several links on this site to projects I'm playing with or working on. EQUASHION integrates convergence aspects of mediated academic, commercial, and aesthetic values between STEAM and fractal geometries.

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"Professor Thompson was the best part of this class. He isn't the easiest teacher on the planet, but at least he has a great personality. He is just an overall great teacher. Professor Thompson could make me laugh 10 minutes after I wake parents can't even do that." - Georgia Southern University Student
"Professor Thompson is very knowledgable about the subject of digital communication."
"He was engaging and provided interesting insight."
"Professor was knowledgeable about trends in digital media and offered several more current articles that we could read on our own time that expanded on the market. Personable and prompt with responses to questions."
"The instructor was very approachable and created a comfortable environment to learn in. He was available to students and was very responsive via email. I haven't noticed the same level of commitment from other instructors at this university, especially on weekends."
"He encouraged feedback between students."
"He was accessible to the class and extremely knowledgeable."
"Professor Thompson did a good job moving the course along. He posted great questions."
"The course material helps pave the way for communication professionals to implement digital tools into their strategic campaigns."
"Steve was extremely organized, routine and consistent. There were no surprises and I knew what to expect from the course and his grading."
"Obviously an expert in the field and very welcoming and receptive to feedback."


AS 480: Introduction to the Digital Age
"Our professor instilled the values of a true academic paper into us and I think that was very useful."
"I developed a very effective general research strategy. I became a better writer and now can quickly translate ideas in my head onto words on paper. Instruction was intriguing and informational."
"The emphasis on concision was important and extremely helpful in improving writing quality. I am now able to structure my arguments in better, more fluid ways."
"Professor Thompson did an excellent job at both managing the classroom experience overall as well as motivating each individual student. He gives good analytical feedback, concise comments, and sets fair but challenging expectations."
"Motivated us to really care about what we were learning about. I learned so much that was extremely relevant to everyday life."
"I think that Professor Thompson really believed that students were capable of developing their own strong academic arguments, so he gave us a lot of freedom in that respect. He also believed that we can use the readings and bounce off each other to create new ideas and that's exactly what happened."
"We were given a lot of freedom to write about things that were relevant and important to us. He was always available to help. It was clear that he cares about the success of his students and genuinely wanted us to learn and grow."
"Professor availability and willingness to engage in intellectual discussions outside the classroom were excellent."
"I really did not know how the other writing classes ran their classes, but mine was fun and engaging."


WRIT 5: Expository Writing
“He taught us about technical communication through using examples instead of just the textbook.”
“Honestly, one of the best courses outside of the Engineering courses I’ve taken at GSU. The degree to which he stressed the importance of presentation as well as proper grammar was very impressive, and the amount of fun I had doing his projects cannot be understated. His relaxed environment for the class worked very well with his high standards, and he will make a valuable instructor in the future of GSU. This class was so good it has set a new standard.”
”I liked how the instructor allowed the student to explore at their own pace on certain activities.”
”Everything was hands on, and you really learned from yourself.”
“Rather than exams and quizzes, we applied what we learned to projects and other activities. Dr. Thompson also has a great sense of humor and kept the class interesting.”
“It was a breath of fresh air after my other classes to come here, laugh and enjoy myself. This was my most enjoyed course and professor my entire time at this university."


WRIT 2130: Technical Communication
"I learned how to use new technology and learned web design techniques. The instructor was very knowledgeable about web design and was willing to help with program/design problems if problems arose. The instructor was also accessible."
"I actually enjoyed the independence he forced on us; it made me feel even more invested in the class."
"I learned how to write HTML code, which I may need professionally."
"It introduced me to computer software I had not used in the past. The professor seemed knowledgeable about the topic."
"If you are serious about wanting to make effective documents that clearly present information, then this class is definitely one I would recommend."
"The class took me out of my comfort zone. It wasn't easy and pushed me to figure things out on my own first. Then I could go to the instructor if I couldn't figure something out on my own."


PRWR 625: Design, Layout and Production
"I learned a lot and the instructor was very willing to work with you outside of class."
"Mr. Thompson knows a lot about technical writing. He knows a lot about computers and computer programs, which was very helpful. He is very personal and likes to interact with the class."
"I feel that the teaching methods were very good. The methods were much different than I was used to, but I felt that I learned more under these methods than most used by other professors."
"He was a very good instructor, down to earth and worked well with myself as well as the other students in the class."
"The teaching methods were different from the usual lecture format, which I am more accustomed to, which in turn allowed me to be more creative. I learned how to develop a website, which I never thought I would be able to do. The project helped me gather ideas and put into wording all the work I have done during my undergraduate studies so far."
"Offers insight into how to produce professional and effective technical documents. Has had experience with the subject in his career."
"Laid back, graded fairly, class was enjoyable and taught useful skills in web design, very well taught."
"Fun to work with, low stress, casual classroom environment, grades actually reflect work put in."
"I enjoyed the projects in this class and learned a lot. The midterm and final project were useful as they helped me prepare a portfolio I will build upon for graduate school."


ENGL 314: Technical Writing
"I think he interacted great with the students and pushed everyone to speak publicly. By having a conversational setting, the classroom became less like an intimidating stage for speaking and rather a forum for conversation."
"Steve is extremely good at communicating with his students. He was always fair in his grading, and he gave grades back in a timely manner. Steve was good at making class interesting and trying to stir our thoughts for speech topics."
"Mr. Thompson was an interactive and engaging teacher."
"The instructor did a good job of making me think outside of the box and including current events within the classroom."
"I think he did a great job interacting with everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and topics we discussed. He really made everyone think and brought up a number of intriguing concepts and ideas I had never come across."
"He kept a very positive relationship with the class and kept us up to date on our progress, clearly explaining what was expected."
"He's great. One of the best teachers I have had at Clemson. Very interesting person."
"Steve is a great professor. He knows his stuff, and he had a great relationship with his students. He likes for his students to get involved in class, which benefits everyone."
"Our teacher always had a positive interaction with his students and always made us feel relaxed and calm before giving us a speech. He was very humorous and always made the class environment very comfortable so people did not get as nervous presenting their speeches."
"Professor Thompson is a wonderful professor that really wants students to do well and succeed. Loved him!"
"The instructor was very caring and attempted to create a well-rounded classroom for all students."


COMM 250: Public Speaking
"Dr. Thompson had rigorous requirements which made the course very challenging for me, to the point where I have had to budget my time much more effectively. Though it was stressful, I appreciate the class demands, and I will look back on completing this class with pride."
"A lot of critical thinking involved."
"I really learned more on this online than when I took that course on a face to face classroom format."
"The professor was also very flexible which I appreciated greatly this semester because in addition to working full- time, I had an abundance of personal appointments in the evenings that I don't normally have scheduled."
"The course discussions/conferences stimulated intriguing debate and conversation. Also, the case studies enabled you to think critically and learn more about case law."
"This course encourages students to think outside the box and apply the methods of Comm Law to a variety of situations."
"I learned more in this class than in most of my other classes combined."
"Overall this course was a great experience."


COMM 400: Mass Media Law [ONLINE]
"The professor. Hands down THE best I've had since taking classes at UMUC. I felt challenged, and I felt his 'presence' in the classroom (something I think is hard to do online based on my past experiences) due to his firm but very fair approach to teaching and grading the work. Always to the point and in a very constructive and encouraging way. Great approach to the online format, I felt really tested and will feel my final grade here will have been well earned."
"He constantly provides feedback on your work from your citations, to your grammar, while explaining what would be more appropriate."
"The professor made me use my critical thinking skills and was helpful to point out, and help me to correct, APA formatting issues."
"I was glad the Professor put an emphasis on proper APA citations, though I've been through the UMUC courses in order, prior Professors have asked for citations but what I thought I was doing right, I was actually doing wrong before. So my citations have improved."
"Prof. Thompson was knowledgeable about the subject matter, and was very helpful. I look forward to taking future courses."
"Professor is very organized and helpful and that helps a student succeed even more."
"Professor Thompson is a strong feature in this course on his own. He always encouraged group communication, and I think he did a phenomenal job of bridging the gap between professional and social. He was able to be a wonderful teacher while creating bonds with his students."
"I think the professor did great at challenging our minds and making us think."
"The professor of this course graded the work fairly and challenged me; mediocrity was not accepted. The feedback provided by the professor was useful and gave me a better understanding on what I needed to improve in my work. I am glad I took this class and I am more than satisfied with the feedback that I received from the professor throughout the course."
"The text book was a very important feature, it was, in conjunction with the instructor, the anchor."
"Very responsive. Awesome class."
"The professor definitely had an organized syllabus and was very helpful in guiding students towards the expectations of the course."
"Great professor, clear assignments."
"This course is one that I will never forget. It forced me to use my thinking cap at all times. The Professor was one of a kind. He was always available to us if we had any questions or concern and he gave straight forward answers. I prefer a Professor that will tell you exactly what it is that you have done incorrectly in order to better yourself and this Professor was one of them. He made us think hard and did not let us slide by the course without putting forth the effort that is required to actually take something from the course. There was no doing the minimum to just get by, you actually had to work and put the hours in and that is greatly appreciated. Need more professors like him."
"The strongest feature of this course was the interaction among professor and students."


COMM 202: Media and Society [ONLINE]